Tom Hulce (Director), Colm Meany, Ross Gibby and Josh at the New York opening of The Cider House Rules. Photos by Aubrey Reuben/, c. 1999.
Left Photo: Josh at The Waverly Gallery opening night after party. Right Photo: Eileen Heckert. Photo by Aubrey Reuben/, c. 2000.  
Josh with Actor/Singer Brandon Christopher after a performance of SubUrbia. Photo by A.M. Gorman c. 1994.
Playwright Frank Pugliese and Josh with a friend. As Bees In Honey Drown, Opening Night. Photo by Joan Marcus, c. 1997

Opening Nights

Cider House Rules
The Waverly Gallery
As Bees In Honey Drown
Music From A Sparkling Planet

The Drama Dept., Inc.
Proof Celebrates First Anniversary on Broadway
Another Proof Celebration

Alive--Behind the Scenes and more...

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Josh with playwright Nicky Silver, As Bees In Honey Drown opening night at the Drama Dept., Inc. Photo by Joan Marcus, c. 1997.
Josh and Ross Gibby, Music From A Sparkling 
Planet opening night, Drama Dept. 2002 Bruce Glikas/
Mark Brokaw (director) with Josh and Michael Gaston, Photo by Aubrey Rueben/, c. 2001.
Josh with members of the Drama Dept., (bottom) l-r: Director, Mark Brokaw, Playwright Douglas Carter Beane, T. Scott Cunningham and J. Smith Cameron. NYTimes, c. 2001.
Josh (wearing shades), Callie Thorne, Geoffery Naughts and Ross Gibby, Drama Dept. fundraiser picnic. 2001 Bruce Glikas/
Members of the Drama Dept. hanging out in Greenwich House's rooftop playground during the picnic fundraiser. 2001 Bruce Glikas/
Josh, David Auburn (Proof Playwright), Jennifer Jason Leigh and Sean Kofoed toasting Proof at a gathering honoring the show's first anniversary on Broadway. 2002 Bruce Glikas/
A tasty-looking cake. Proof first anniversary on Broadway celebration. 20002 Bruce Glikas/
Patrick Tovatt, Josh, David Auburn, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Sean Kofoed, Proof first anniversary on Broadway. 2002 Bruce Glikas/
Patrick Tovatt and Josh, 2002 Bruce Glikas/ 
Jennifer Jason Leigh wearing a nice warm hat, at Proof's 500th Performance celebration. 2002 Bruce Glikas/
Josh with Seana Kofoed and Patrick Tovatt at Proof's 500th performance celebration held at Maria Pia. 2002 Bruce Glikas/
Josh and Roberto Canessa--Alive