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-The F Word, 2005
-The Ice Age, 2002 (voiceover- Dodo/Glyptos)
-West Of Here, 2002
-The Escape Artist, 2002
-On_Line, 2002
-The Bourne Identity, 2002
-Urbania, 2000
-Freak Talks About Sex, 1999 (released on video retitled: Blowin Smoke)
-Chocolate For Breakfast (retitled: Four and Half Women) 1998 
-Drive, She Said, 1997
-The House Of Yes, 1997
-Landfall, Directed by Dan Hamilton (Josh's dad)
-The Proprietor ,1996
-Kicking And Screaming, 1995
-With Honors, 1994
-Alive, 1993
-Another Woman, 1988  (written and directed by Woody Allen)
-First Born, 1984
-Old Enough, 1984
-Straight To One (Ethan Hawke, director) 
-A Good Dissonance Like A Man, 1977, Directed by Ted Timreck, (Josh's stepdad)
Josh Hamilton and Parker Posey in The House Of Yes, copyright 1997 by Miramax Films.
Josh with Jeanne Moreau in The Proprietor, c. 1996, Warner Brothers, All Rights Reserved.
Josh walking in a park with Jeanne Moreau in The Proprietor, c 1996, Warner Brothers, All Rights Reserved.
The Proprietor
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Alive A website about the real life story.

Drive, She Said
Moira Kelly and Josh in a scene from Drive, She Said. Photo by Carole Segal, Behaviour Distribution, Inc.
Josh and Moira Kelly (in disguise!), Drive, She Said, Photo by Carole Segal, Behaviour Distribution, Inc.

Josh Hamilton
Moira Kelly
Sebastian Spence,
Jim Byrnes, 
Mina Shum, 
Peter Stebbings
Alive Facts

Alive is the second film adaptation of this true story. The first was the 1976 "Survive!"
(originally: "Los Supervivientes de los Andes").

The narrator, a survivor who tells the story 20 years after, was played by the uncredited
John Malkovich.

The real Nando Parrado (Ethan Hawke's character) was technical advisor to the film.

Filming locations: Andes Mountains, Uruguay; British Columbia, Canada; Canadian Rockies.

Cast (partial listing)

Ethan Hawke
Jack Noseworthy 
Josh Hamilton 
Vincent Spano

Directed by Frank Marshall
Screenplay by John Patrick Shanley, Piers Paul Read (book)

Paramount Pictures, c. 1993
The House Of Yes
Mina Shum

September 4, 1998 (Behaviour Distribution)
The title is a reference to:

Drive He Said directed by Jack Nicholson in 1970. Shown at 1997 film festivals.
Tori Spelling, Josh and Parker Posey, The House Of Yes,  Miramax Films, Photo by Wren Maloney, c. 1997
Josh and Parker Posey, The House Of Yes, c. 1997, Miramax Films

Parker Posey
    Josh Hamilton
          Tori Spelling
                Freddie Prinze, Jr.
                     Geneieve Bujold

Tori Spelling and Josh entering The House Of Yes, Miramax Films, Photo by Wren Maloney, c. 1997
Directed by Mark S. Waters         Written by Mark S. Waters & Wendy MacLeod (play)

     US Release: October 10, 1997


1997 - Nominated for the Golden Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival for Best Film (Mark S. Waters)
1997 - Nominated for the Grand Special Prize at the Deauville Film Festival 
1998 - Nominated for the Golden Satellite Award at the Golden Satellite Awards for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical (Parker Posey)
1998 - Nominated for the Razzie Award at the Razzie Awards for Worst New Star (Tori Spelling)
1997 - Won Special Recognition at the Sundance Film Festival (Parker Posey)

Tori Spelling, Parker Posey, Josh and Freddie Prinze, Jr., The House Of Yes, Miramax Films, Photo by Wren Maloney, c. 1997.
"Hear any good stories lately? I've got one and this one really happened. I swear."--

Dan Futterman, Alan Cumming, Barbara Sukowa, Bill Sage, Gabriel Olds, Josh Hamilton, Lothaire Bluteau, Matt Keeslar, Megan Dodds, Paige Turco, Samuel Ball, William Sage

Directed by Jon Shear
Written by Daniel Reitz (play) and Jon Shear

New York Times (09/15/2000)

"...URBANIA is as technically innovative as it is emotionally unsettling....It has a remarkably rich (and dark) visual palette that matches its moody turbulence."

Movieline (10/01/2000)

"URBANIA is one of the year's most original and powerful films -- a nightmarish, at times darkly comic, survey of sex in the city..."

Urbania Facts

Filmed on location in New York City.

URBANIA was filmed in only 18 days on a budget of $225,000.

URBANIA is the first film after STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE to go through post production entirely digitally, allowing for cheaper and more flexible editing.
Kicking And Screaming
Directed by Noah Baumbach
Producer: Joel Castleberg
Screenplay by Noah Baumbach based on a story by Noah Baumbach and Oliver Berkman

Olivia D'Abo and Josh in Kicking And Screaming, Trimark Pictures, c. 1995.

Josh Hamilton, Chris Eigeman, Olivia D'Abo, Jason Wiles, Carlos Jacott, Parker Posey, Cara Buono, Eric Stoltz.

With Honors
Patrick Dempsey, Brendan Fraser, Moira Kelly and Josh, graduation day in With Honors, c. 1994, Warner Bros., Photo by Peter Iovino.
Josh with the cast of With Honors, c. 1994, Warner Bros., Photo By Peter Iovino.
A Spring Creek Production for Warner Brothers

Directed by Alek Keshishian
Written by William Mastrosimone


Joe Pesci
Patrick Dempsey
Brendan Fraser
Moira Kelly
Josh Hamilton

Josh (background) and Moira Kelly in With Honors, c. 1994, Warner Bros., Photo by Peter Iovino.
Freak Talks About Sex
                Released on video retitled: Blowin Smoke
Steve Zahn and Josh walking in the mall, Freak Talks About Sex, c. 1999, New Sky Communications.
Directed by Paul Todisco
Written by Michael M.B. Galvin, Peter Speakman & Paul Todisco


Steve Zahn, Josh Hamilton, David Kinney, Wayne Federman, Heather McComb, Arabella Field, Tim Green, Jack Carey, Carey Eidel, Kim O'Mara, Sybil Temchen & Debra Lebberts.

Freak Talks About Sex was filmed on location in Syracuse, NY.
Other Films
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Martha Plimpton & Josh in Woody Allen's Another Woman
c. 1988, Charles H. Joffe Productions.